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But first of its kind kind of story,

and highly eccentric one

that will last forever.

How about writing it all together?

With the    Roadmap,

it will be baby play!

By the way, you are already part of the story.

And the Star Roadmap will also help determine how exactly.

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Milestone SUMMARY;

(Please focus and read carefully, with full attention, and with your ultimate intellectual fully conscious self*)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a VISION CHECKUP session? During the process you will feel yOUR WISDOM FOOTPRINT is rising, and yOUR Carbon Footprint is tending to decline, at least in your thoughts.


RENAISSANCE4.0 and Positive Vocabulary Workshop are only two of the major building blocks of the Star Roadmap which you can simply begin to learn more about it by reviewing the one of a kind social intellectual VACCINE which is in the shape of a workbook, to think and write in it, and do a lot more.


It will help you with your GREAT RESET in the wisest way possible, too, to TRANSFORM1 and to grab the correct normal.


Only then you’ll be at the doorsteps of the YNIVERSE, in fact, you are in it already. Just realize.

* You're still at the right spot if you think we have to first make it to our ultimate intellectual selves, before entering the headings mentioned above. 

[Algorithms you may likely to have a sense of 

around here, have evolved over years of hands on experiences and observations, 

and they are not running on any software. Star Roadmap will help you get a grasp of the core algorithm, then you are free. Each heading above is a galaxy on its own but hand in hand, intertwined. You will be connecting the worlds with the Star Roadmap. Oops, galaxies!]


Will you make this summary a milestone? We'll simply need to go thru some sort of a user friendly think+write+etc processes. 

And this 'etc', rest assured, is a fantastic one, probably the most awesome and inspiring etc you've ever encountered. This etc will last forever...

The path to the summit*,

the Star Roadmap, passes through


Super Magic Formula for +mode   >   Renaissance 4.0   >   YNI  >

1. * The summit of yOUR potential. 

2. +mode is where the Star Gate is! Super Magic Formula will help you/us get there.

3. Super Magic Formula, Renaissance 4.0, and YNI are both free from each other and also intertwined, user friendly, easy to customize phenomenons. Once you get the magic in it you'll be free to take it all to new horizons.

From another perspective;

∞  > You/Us > Super Formula +mode > Renaissance 4.0 > YNI > You/Us > ∞ 

If it is You;

You will start from yourself, and arrive at yourself.

If it is Us;

We will start from ourselves, and arrive at ourselves.

So that you will realize the Yniverse!

Us; You and minimum one other random or known person; Or, in fact, us as one humanity.

The whole process will initiate simply by reviewing the Star Agenda and beginning to think and take notes under each article. Each article is also the headings in the Vaccine Workbook under which you'll need to do some think'n write sessions. Your notes will later connect on the Star Roadmap, like connecting the dots, and your VisionActionCommunicationProgressGrowth line will become visible. With such a solid and visual composition in front of your eyes, and settled in your mind during the think'n write process, you'll better take your potential to new horizons, and to the summit! The process will also have served as a vision checkup session and wisdom footprint improving. Reviewing your notes in the Vaccine Workbook will ensure sustainability, and regeneration when you see fit. Ask yourself this: Isn't it time to formulate all above and such phenomenon? Vaccine Workbook is the master vaccine for that. 

Anchor 3
Star Roadmap shining

(1) IN WORST CASE STAR SCENARIO #1, and most fun, we'll say, - Nice try! [Without disregarding the fact that we will have had an idea about how a vision checkup session could be done and in what ways the wisdom footprint would find chance to make it to the summit let alone begin to rise. Meanwhile you'll have a big community of Star Scenario Pioneers to continue to work together and finally make the scenario work as pointed out in option 3.] 


(2) IN 'NOT BAD' STAR SCENARIO #2, we'll all have come up with a vision checkup/monitoring methodology fully tested and perfected in a way it deserves, besides, it will take us far beyond a basic vision checkup session. You will, at minimum, have a solid positive vocabulary, a super magic formula for super entrepreneurship to change the world, and overall a new vision, methodology, roadmap, something however you'd love to name it and something which you can simply consider a start point, or a reference point, when necessary, to introduce it to new horizons, or to your existing horizons, and take it to diverse heights it has never been to.


(3) IN BEST CASE STAR SCENARIO #3, it will be a priceless process, by all means. In fact, it is already, if you want to see. You'll see! Satisfaction guaranteed. 

PS: If the worst case scenario #1 is an awesome one you imagine the overall awesomeness level.

Star Roadmap shining

Star Roadmap wants to provide a critical + productive + creative opportunity, a ground, and a vibrant vision enriched with unique perspectives, to enhance skill mapping*, regeneration, and upscaling, too, and to upgrade how they interact, how they create a synergy: 


* Mapping issue and each skill will be revisited further. Needless to say, everything stated or not stated on this website will be. Of course the skill set shown in the above visual is not necessarily a whole list of skills, sure there may be others, however, it is a list of critical and must have skills not to be neglected at all!  

Star Roadmap shining

How KnackApp saw the mindset which designed the Star Roadmap scope;


KnackApp, with innovation awards and recognition from The White House, World Economic Forum, Future Work Awards, The Royal Society, MIT, U.S. Department of Education, and Gartner, is a technology that uses the power of behavioral science, AI, and smart video games to gauge your playing style to determine how you think and work, simply by letting you play some games.


Above 50 is considered good, a passing grade. Still 57 will be revisited. The full report includes some 80 parameters in total. We may first try to see how NI -You- would rate them, then the complete scores from this partially AI algorithm can be revealed, to have a solid case study to do some AI/NI comparison, too,  just to analyse, and for some fun. At the end, all this started as a Super Human Project, some 15 years ago, so every extra mile is worth to run, and will be run. Besides from this, 100% NI references will sure be shared, too.

Last but not least;


We should all be doing our best to exhibit the requirements of the highest scores, just in general during the course of our lives, and Star Roadmap's core goal is to let you personally experience the required processes with different perspectives accompanied with a new systematic. E.g. ∙ Be self disciplined on the Star Roadmap. ∙ Focus on details on the Star Roadmap. ∙ Get things done on the Star Roadmap. ∙ Grit things out on the Star Roadmap. ∙ Do not give up on the Star Roadmap. ∙ Self start on the Star Roadmap.

Or simply always keep the Star Roadmap in mind. It is the only track for all to make it to the summit!

Star Roadmap shining

YNI Star Roadmap to the summit, summit of the YNIVERSE first, and only for a start:

  •    Determine a goal and be self disciplined. 

  •    Determine the details and focus on them.

  •    Determine what needs to be done and get it done.

  •    Determine your big big picture and grit things out.

  •    Determine your ultimate goal and do not give up.

  •    Determine a roadmap and self start.    

This is the Vision with Action Now Plan you've been looking for. Or you should be looking for. Period. It is now at your fingertips!

Star Roadmap shining








All above, and more, and beyond all, are all connected on the Star Roadmap.


Yet, you'll need to read+think+write, at minimum, for a start, to totally cherish the mood and share the vibe. Without you, it won't go anywhere, it won't move an inch. Only if you move, it will move. This is YNIVERSAL vibe. YOU are the center of it.  

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