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Star Roadmap is the only way to become one!
What is yniversal, by the way?
We are going to come up with the exact answer also with the help of the Star Roadmap. Yet, if you love the yniverse idea you are yniversal already...

Quick tip; yniverse is where you upgrade your vision&action combo and take them to the summit with the highest wisdom footprint by all means. All models, formulas, perspectives, thoughts, ideas, inspirations, visions, action plans, etc, you may be looking for, are also in yniverse.

Feeling yniversal means you look forward to a super magic formula to upgrade to


+ You look forward to a higher wisdom footprint, in fact the highest, and the lowest carbon;

+ You look forward to a social intellectual wisdom vaccine which activates only when you read, think, and write, b/c it is wise and it wants to serve as a vision checkup and wisdom footprint improvement tool;

+ You look forward to a Renaissance 4.0;

+ You look forward to a new set of perspectives neatly aligned on a set of processes.

+ You look forward to a lot of other etc etcs that would help with securing a healthier common future for all of us, or at least heal a couple of things in various fields in worst case scenario.

Sounds so yniversal right?

Hover around the website, visit the store, you'll sure discover a lot about how you can begin to embrace and reflect the YNIVERSAL MOOD! ;-)



Big Bang, is yet to happen.

You'll need to read+think+write+etc first.

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