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Around 2002, came up with the MOTTO "Get involved, YOU can change the world."

Wrote a POEM entitled ‘YOU’ in 2004.

Then held the first ever Positive Vocabulary Workshop at the United Nations Youth Assembly.

Then initiated a UN Interns Club,

Then offered a system to achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

Then designed a super entrepreneurship model.

Then started the Super Human Project.

A lot happened in between, a lot evolved, and/or came aboard… Transformation, evolution, progress, towards the future, never stopped, even for a second:

Magic Formula for the super entrepreneurship + Renaissance 4.0 + Ozgurism + Roadmap + YNI Roadmap + The Vaccine; first of its kind social/intellectual vaccine in the shape of a workbook + Star Roadmap + Wisdom Footprint + Vision Checkup + YNIVERSE + YNIVERSAL!*


So, looking backwards from the very present point where it all made, everything seems to have settled in their most rightful places, both forwards and backwards, in the most harmonic and satisfying way forming the magnificent Star Roadmap 2 future for all!


  • 2022 | It is time to become YNIVERSAL, and the VACCINE WORKBOOK, together with the Wise Coffee, is like a ticket to enter the YNIVERSE where at minimum we make sure we are all sound world citizens.


  • The Vaccine Workbook alone, first of its kind social intellectual cultural wisdom vaccine, is heck of a process urging you to think and write first, and then discover, and then design, to begin to initiate and help with the VISION CHECKUP and WISDOM FOOTPRINT processes.


  • Then some various challenges will be taken care of and various side events will follow.


  • SUPER MAGIC FORMULA for the +MODE and RENAISSANCE 4.0 will be set free to come to stage.


  • We’ll have a solid and practical system and a right to the point roadmap to work on to achieve both the SUPER HUMAN PROJECT and the MDGs. POSITIVE VOCABULARY WORKSHOP will play a critical and indispensable role.


  • And we’ll arrive at the original POEM and the MOTTO written 2 decades ago. And yes, more importantly, we’ll arrive at YOU, we'll arrive at US, and we'll arrive at how to get you/us all involved in the neatest way, to change the world! | 2002


Circuit closed. Star Roadmap to Yniverse opened. Apply the vibe, live the vibe.


From you to yniverse and then back to you again, a right to the point, dynamic, and visionary philosophy, journey, with the potential of acquiring a real and solid and the most sophisticated 'wholeness' methodology which will also help with one's mindfulness journey... Such a superhydrobiolotroniphilopoetic cycle in the  best notsimplepasttensebutpastpresentlycontinuoustofutureperfecttense


NotebyOM: I didn’t especially write the above note to honor the purely harmonic ‘2’ day…. It was the next day that while I was editing and improving it I realized I wrote it the previous day, which was


*Yniversal: Decent earthling first of all but also in some cases suspected of being half alien, yet, in either case, a yniversal first has a whole vision with an action plan for a great common future on earth with the highest wisdom footprint.

Yniverse: Where there is a lot with infinity beyond. Like the universe in some ways; ideas, thoughts, dreams, models, modules, paths, zones, visions, actions, instead of the planets, satellites, stars, galaxies, comets, meteors, sun, etc. Yet, unlike the universe, there is life for humanity everywhere in the yniverse.

Ozgurism: All above multiplied with infinity; Star Roadmap .com scope is only 101.

All above, and more, will only activate with YOU on board!

So yes, all this is in fact about you. That's why nothing will really begin to move forward (get better towards overall healing) unless you move... Star Roadmap, as well, will activate and begin to move only if you move; Move by means of some thinking, writing, brain storming, etc, and so show some sign of active and eager intellect on which we can build the action and rise.

"Give me a place to stand and I will move the world."

Of course Archimedes was pointing out a different phenomenon, yet, you'll sure relate it to the Star Roadmap.

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