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Star Roadmap, for a thorough Vision Checkup at least. Isn't it time? It is indeed, and way past due.

From another perspective:


You, and your life, in between two infinity signs where the Roadmap is positioned. Fit in there with your ultimate best self with full capability and maximized visionary skillfulness in continuous action. So that you will last forever!

You have to first become aware of the building blocks of your vision, and then their potential wisdom footprint, for a start. Then by time, Star Roadmap will become your most visionary and result oriented vision&action board.

The question is, accepting the fact that it is time for vision checkup;

Wouldn't it be good to have the only comprehensive and vibrant methodology for vision checkup, while there is no other option!?

Simply start with determining what your present agenda and the Star Agenda have in common? Go item by item and see what contents* you are able to put under each item. 

*Content meaning what you have already read, thought, spoken, written, done, share, oberved, planned, dreamed + what you would read, think, speak, write, do, share, observe, plan, dream, etc. It can be an artistic content, a professional content, a philosophical content, it can be a joke, a problem you observed, a solution you brought, or offered, etc, it can be anything. 

This way you will also be doing some sort of an intellectual mapping of your capacity and potential, to realize at what points and in which directions there are some extra miles you can run. What if the most critical mile is totally neglected?

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