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* Let's say, just for now, some sort of a cute disruption. In fact, a series of wise disruptions, wherever there is a dysfunctionality, and all wisely starting with a global vision checkup session; Individual, Global, Yniversal. You are free to determine at what scale.

You of the yniverse


Big Bang*, is yet to happen.

Dear Investor,


Positive Vocabulary Workshop, +MODE for new age entrepreneurship model, Vision Checkup, Wisdom Footprint, Star Sustainability Matrix, STARtHUB, YNIVERSE, etc, if these keywords sound good to you, you are at the right address!

First thing first, 

A special Star Roadmap jury will be formed from the potential investor candidates. This jury will not only be evaluating the whole Star Roadmap scope and publicly share their critique from an investor's eye but also will be able to recruit new potential entrepreneurs who would be rising during the processes aligned on the Star Roadmap.

The very first 'request' from the potential investors will be to enjoy some Wise Coffee and share the Star Agenda files with their network. So that we can say 'action' without losing a second and give a start to global VISION CHECKUP towards the Star Sustainability Matrix!

Tons of details will sure follow, but quickly to begin to get you involved now;











C with your vision first! A quick Vision Checkup would be the best start point.


Angel and/or VC, or an organization active in such field? Investing in startups, businesses, and/or social entrepreneurs? Want to expand your outreach? Accordingly want to join forces so that we can reach out to whole yniverse, specially to younger generations, and share YOUR vision and expertise? You’ll sure be meeting with great minds and ideas, and great opportunities to invest in, while at the same time supporting entrepreneurship, empowering it by all means, and contributing to ensuring the highest possible entrepreneurial wisdom footprint in our future, for our future.

You'll be able to share a message about our common future along with a link to your website which hopefully serves as a home to inspiring content, useful information and knowledgebase not only for everybody but most importantly for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

The framework for such a cooperation will be as simple as possible. E.g. Enjoying as much wise coffee as possible will be critical for example, and one more thing which we can finalize together.

A few signals of all natural 'yniversal' validation of the whole scope;

  • A teenager, during the pandemia, who sounded not so happy with just the general situation, said 'We need something like a vaccine'. It was during summer 2021 and this teenager did not know about the first of its kind Wisdom Vaccine ,in the shape of a workbook, was already published.

  • Another teenager, actually who was a teenager some 10+ years ago, called Star Roadmap designer after some 13 years and said; "I just understood what you were doing then." What I was doing in that time frame referred to is long story, yet, neither the workbook nor the Star Roadmap was around in that time period, even as an idea, however, the activity that was being referred to was only a small scale case study  now making up maybe 0.001% of the whole scope.

  • Another teenager, more than a decade ago, wrote "... If he came into your world, know that your life changes at that moment. ...". 

  • ​Many other similar and/or parallel incidents, feedbacks. Most importantly, hopefully, you will be validating, too, most naturally, as you learn more, simply because we are all aware of the fact that a well defined roadmap would help a lot with not only increasing awareness especially about critical local/global issues but also with offering a practical start point followed by a roadmap on which to be 'active, enthusiastic, passionate, etc'.  Star Roadmap is that roadmap, and it has many new horizons surrounded with summits.

  • Please see the Stairs note, too.

Investor (Individual or Institution/Company)

Your name or organization name

Message on Common Future

Internal or external  link to your message on your letterhead

ps: A similar program will be activated for other types of organizations, NGOs and celebrities as well. So that they can both reserve their place in the jury and expand their outreach on the way to the summit. Click to learn more.

You may also check whether you could help with any of the challenges in Zone 2 of the Star Roadmap. Challenges to knock down for the next level, which are;
1) Minimum 1 million star pioneer jury.
2) The social/intellectual wisdom vaccine in the shape of a workbook is Amazon best seller.
3) Star Roadmap / YNIVERSE hits unicorn valuation.

Minimum two of the above three challenges have to be met so that the gateway to Zone 3 will start to open up upon completing the Zone 1 and 2, and with the +MODE in our pocket. You can review the whole scenario, very roughly, here.

If all sounds good so far, a way to implement for mutual growth will sure be found. E.g. Escrow account can be instrumental.

Imagine you are about to fully mobilize for a global and user friendly plug'n play vision checkup!

Long story shortest;

Mark is taking you to Metaverse. Elon to various corners in the Universe.

It is now time to go to

You of the yniverse


In fact, you have to make it to YNIVERSE first. And the Star Roadmap is the only way.

This visual below appeared in June 2022. It depicts some major components in just the simplest way and aligned as shown. What can be said, or thought, about the visual amounts to infinite so let's save some content for later...


all in one yniversal yniverse.png



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