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A lot has transformed in and around this scope, especially during the last couple of years… One of them was the most critical jury process, which was on board way before the Roadmap made its present status and which is aiming to multiply the impact of the whole process, maximize its productivity all in line with the philosophy's base principles. 


It was going to cost only 1USD (Eur, GBP, YLE /Your Local Exchange) pp (with free and 'you put the price tag' options) to reserve a seat in the Pioneer Star Jury. Still valid, however, with the birth of the Vaccine Workbook you are now free to transform that 1 as you wish, you can design a variety of new dimensions depending on how you look. This is all about transformation anyway so you'll start with transforming the 1.

Very briefly, by getting the Vaccine Workbook, in addition to make your first move towards a comprehensive vision/action checkup with various and unique challenges;

+ You will have priority to apply to enter the jury.

+ You will be able to nominate 9 others to come aboard with you.


+ You will automatically enroll in the gift system, which is designed to create a new outreach for entrepreneurs to promote their products and services, and also for social entrepreneurs. 

+ You will be buying your friends a new vision, instead of a drink, for a change, and to review every time you meet with them online or offline.

# You can simply split the cost of the Vaccine Workbook with them, if you are tight on budget.

# Or you can charge them more! A brand new agenda to cover is priceless, especially if it is Star Agenda, so they will understand. It is about their future!

# If you are an entrepreneur, and/or raising funds for a cause, you have to charge them. They will sure understand.. Tell them Oz told me so.

# Maybe you will come up with a new cause to raise funds, and awareness, for, with them. Or, inspired from the Vaccine, you'll design a new venture with them. Let the Vaccine inspire! Yes, with it, there is a lot you can do with them. Begin to lead them towards new horizons!

+ You can hold positive vocabulary workshops, and charge the participants. Do it as a major event or a side event. It’s all up to your free imagination.


+ Long story short, you’ll somehow come up with a way to transform that 1. Regardless you need to or not. You can transform it to 10, or to a million! Sky is the limit. Unleash your imagination. Or simply leave it there but just consider reviewing the Vaccine Workbook to think about the headings, thoroughly, and write how your agenda is connected to each heading. 


E.g. What would you love to advise to younger generations if you are an experienced grown up person? What would you love to do in your future life, career, in connection with each heading, if you are young and/or feel young?

E.g. Write down what a role model should be like under each heading. So yes, maybe you'll be designing a super human. And/or design a super vision for any human, like byOM did with the Star Roadmap.

E.g. Write down what specific observations have you made so far about each heading, and/or your thoughts and experiences related to each.

E.g. Write down what extra miles can be run under each heading.

You will later map and align your notes on the Star Roadmap, on which you'll also wisely connect them, like connecting the dots.

The analytics in and around the headings will be further explained later. What we want first is you doing some objective thinking/writing. All this is only 101.

Star Roadmap shining

Last but not least, below is a quick recap of what kind of transformations the Star Roadmap experienced, recently, in the last decade;


• More than a decade ago, it didn't exist. There was only a super human project without any solid roadmap, let alone the present state of the art YNI Star Roadmap housing a set of processes. Pre super human project seems to have served as a soft R&D, too, with hands on experiences and 24/7 action; which makes a total of 2 decades long R&D, solid.

A super entrepreneurship model, also called the super magic formula, actually came aboard before the initiative was named as super human project. Because that model had to have a ecosystem with a vision and action plan to thrive further by all means in all directions. 

• Some many other models followed. 

Some continuous evolutions occured at different points simultaneously..Small bangs, that's to say.

• The Star Roadmap began to make itself visible as the models began to align on it.

The five zones became all clear and visible. 

• The very first super entrepreneurship model settled in the center Zone 3 and became the heart of the overall set of processes.

First of its kind social/intellectual vaccine, in the form of a workbook, came aboard in late 2020 during the pandemia, and perfectly became the gateway of the Roadmap.

• Wisdom Footprint and Vision Checkup terms came to the stage in 2021. Being the newest elements that have joined the Roadmap family, these two were right to the point elements indeed. They became somehow the ultimate purpose of the Star Roadmap; Vision Checkup and monitoring, to maximize our wisdom footprint; and once maximized, to never let it fall.

YNIVERSE! YNI Roadmap simply evolved to yniverse in the very beginning of 2022... All above was actually forming a yniverse, anyway, with Big Bang yet to happen! It seems it may be positioned somewhere between the actual Universe and the virtual Metaverse, and sometimes intertwined with both. Also to serve as a  balance factor in the shape of a set of solid, tangible, and wise processes, vibrant and all in harmony both within and also with both the Universe and Metaverse. Being in YNIVERSE is mesmerizing, and means you are doing, and you will do, your best physically in Universe and virtually in Metaverse. So yes, let's be yniversal, first of all!

All above and more beyond, will connect on and around the Star Roadmap. Do not miss this milestone ride... Transform1 with style.

Star Roadmap shining

To the summit, all together. Philosophically and mentally first. With the Star Roadmap, it is baby play, at least in YNIVERSE.

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