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The best thing to do in 2022 is to crown it.

Let's go beyond that and crown our era!

What else could possibly be yOUR ultimate desire?

Keep in mind, a magnificent Roadmap is at your fingertips to do that! And it is simply looking forward to your valuable cooperation...

Any organization who would be interested in coming aboard, either as a sponsor, or a jury, or in a way to be designated with mutual convinience, will be sharing their message, together with a report if they prefer, about our common future. This is yOUR call. Schools, educational and/or research institutions, companies, both governmental and non-governmental organizations, are all 'kindly' encouraged to step in. The new vibrant and real world of unique dimensions and one of a kind actions, essential actions, are perfectly aligned on the Star Roadmap.

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Star Roadmap shining

Although the "sponsorship / vision partnership" models are yet to be finalized, the idea is rising on the principal of activating a new action program with 10+ years long R&D. Finalization is never over... as because of its vibrant structure it is evolving every time a new idea comes up. So, simply getting as many Vaccine Workbooks as possible for anyone but especially for students, youth and senior citizens, is a sponsorship indeed, and that means a lot. And/or consider the Wise Coffee along with the Vaccine Workbook... Transform1 just as you wish.


Do you have an idea on how you'd love to get involved? Just share and we'll sure make it work, too, in one way or another. Have a look at STAR PARTNERS PROGRAM, too.

Each Vaccine Workbook copy also lets the main holder have priority to be able to apply for the jury along with nominating 9 others to come along with her or him. That's part II for later with further and most fanciest specifics. The whole process is aiming to provide a medium as diverse and multi directional development and empowerement as possible.


  • If you decide to just order the workbook in bulk only, rather than a designated sponsorship/partnership, that's great, too. Please contact before ordering on Amazon for special arrangements; e.g. For every 100 copies you order in one lot you may get 25 extra as a complimentary. Or you can simply sponsor as many people as possible for their participation in the jury, that is only 1 YLE pp. (Your Local Exchange but USD, Euro or GBP for now.) Again, for every 100 jury member you sponsor 25 seats in the jury will be provided as a complimentary; which in this case the seats will be reserved for students. Or you may think of introducing the Wise Coffee to as many students as possible! 


  • Price of the Vaccine is $25 and in addition allows jury membership for 10 for those who'd prefer to continue the process after reviewing their present agenda with the help of the Vaccine. Rest of the process involves Zone 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the Magnificent Star Roadmap.  

  • Those with the Vaccine Workbook will always have priority to enter the jury. Yet, there is always a model to set to recruit as many jury members as possible. The more the merrier ;-)


  • Various models may be discussed and worked out to get what you have in your mind involved, too. 

Star Roadmap shining

"What we do over the next 10 years will determine the future of humanity." (2019) David King, the Former Chief Scientific Adviser to the U.K. Government.

So, not only you as an individual but any type of organization is more than welcome; from a primary school and 

university, to a municipality or a state organization, or an international organization with focus on social or 

business, from an SME to a global corporation, all of you. Please consider the importance of coming up with a 

common and inclusive 'plug'n play' roadmap, urgently, with new and vibrant perspectives for a better future, and 

the importance of making people, especially the younger generations, part of a solution rather than a problem. 

Basically, every single person has to transform to a social entrepreneur, period. Isn't it correct normal? While 

discussing a lot about the old normal and new normal, let's agree on this correct normal first. It has to be 

accepted as the new norm, too.

Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining

A bad plan is better than no plan, yet, the Star Roadmap is best+ and beyond fantastic, letting you to action and

to summit just like that, with style, in the most artsy way. With it, you will also become the architect and the doctor of 

yOUR vision.  We will rock with the Star Roadmap! You already have a bunch of critical savings!

Please keep in mind that all possible means of mutual cooperation practices should be considered, in the name of an intended sponsorship or a partnership, to set as an example, too. Like grant matching, opening an escrow account, or running a pilot program, etc. Unlike in case of normal circumstances and/or usual practices, such points are especially shared to further clarify and inspire at max by all means. All we want to accomplish has to be accomplished with state of the art and clear set of practices to serve as a model for present young generations and the future generations. And for that we need new norms! Do you have a grant program? Consider the Star Roadmap applied for it on behalf of all students and young people.

All this scope and beyond is for anyone from any background with any demographic. So, next time you think of doing something good, and maybe intellectually different, too, and artsy, for yourself and for others, or look for a different kind of a present, consider giving them the YNIVERSE! Besides, it will come with a Star Roadmap for super entrepreneurship that has 10+ years long R&D&A behind, Apply. [Two decades to be exact, in total.]  

If you'd be interested in getting involved please contact; Why wait for a specific model to arrive?! If a light is about to rekindle on your side, everything is ready on this side, too, to light the flame within everybody for our future. [Please be informed that you will be able to receive a tax deductible invoice.]

PS: Again, simply getting a copy of the Vaccine Workbook and handing it to a student, or to anyone, telling her or him to write in it and grow with it, should be considered sponsoring. Don't wait for a group of students or young people come to you and ask for sponsorship, you feel free to act first and introduce them to this one of a kind social intellectual vaccine which will help them work on their future in the best and most productive way. It will help us all ensure the highest possible wisdom footprint, too.

NGO's will be able to enter the Jury in Zone 2 for free.

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