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Great Reset; Just remote working? Is that it? 


Besides, a wiser phenomenon deserves to be considered a milestone, not a virus, and the process should not consist of just remote working and new normal adaptation. Before&after picture, of a so called great reset, has to be offering a wiser outlook, too. It has to be about the CORRECT NORMAL. It has to be surrounded with wisdom from all sides and shining towards all directions. Only with the Star Roadmap, it will be so.

Long story short, Star Roadmap is about changing the world, while indeed changing it by working on the correct normal.

During the processes you will also decide whether the mentioned concepts deserve their names, and whether the suggested roadmap can help with the formulation of the process. More importantly, you will be able to do the necessary touches to transform as you see fit. For example;

Re Vision Checkup concept. Is such a concept an essential concept, and does it indeed require a methodology to check and monitor? Same goes for Wisdom Footprint, Renaissance 4.0, the Vaccine Workbook, transformation with style, etc.

Small step, for a wise reset.

Wise and Smart!

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