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+MODE for all generations! For all organizations as well... It is plus mode time indeed. E+MODEL, with fine, deep, and impeccable details embedded in its mood, will help upgrade to +MODE, and the Star Roadmap will help take it to new horizons! Yet, destination summit. Period.

E+ MODEL is the new age and state of the art entrepreneurship model. It is what you are looking for.

We'll review and study all about it during the processes on the Star Roadmap, as it is impossible to describe it just by writing here.

By beginning to write in the Wisdom Vaccine 'workbook' you'll be designing/embodying your model though... Or you will be making your already existing model more visible, with the help of the components offered in the workbook, and by going thru a vision checkup session with the help of it.

Before the Star Roadmap fully reveals all the specifics about the +MODE you will be designing a +MODE first. Then we'll compare and proceed accordingly. Maybe the one you designed will be way better! So yes, all this is a set of unique challenges by all means! -from 2018. feel free to take a look- was instrumental in the course of evolution and transformation of the Star Roadmap to its present status... E+MODEL was, and still is, aiming to be a reference core model to help with becoming a role model, and/or to strengthen an existing role model figure. So with other models that came aboard during the process, the whole scope became home to 'models for role models', especially soon to become 'compulsory' role models!



fine + deep + impeccable details

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Star Roadmap shining
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