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Kids Education + Child/Youth/Adult Education and Development

[Life Long Learning, and Teaching!]

Do you want your kid grow up visionary? Just give her or him the Wisdom Vaccine which is in the shape of a Workbook, as a Draw'n Color book! There is plenty of space for it! Let her or him make her/his drawings in it. Or you draw and she/he will color. As she/he begins to learn how to read/write it will become the actual cornerstone in how she/he makes use of it. It will become the wise cornerstone not only how she or he comprehends and grows up but also in your relations with her/him, too, most importantly. Prepare a curriculum from the contents the Wisdom Vaccine offers. Design the best vision/action/communication combo to utilize. In some cases you'll grow, too, together with your kid, in different directions, and you'll change the world together. And Star Roadmap is the only way to get kids' perspectives, words, actions involved and count at the highest and wisest level. There is a lot more you can do with the wisdom workbook, and we'll get into all of it during the journey on the Star Roadmap. Remember, all this is only 101.


Important: No academic, scientific, or 3rd party reference is available yet. When there is one it will be shared here, regardless it is a good or bad review for the workbook and/or for the Star Roadmap. Any critique will help the vision achive its mission and arrive at its destination. So here is another challenge; Feel free to evaluate the scope if you are in academia with a related expertise. Better evaluate as a group of colleagues, experts, with different backgrounds and study/search fields for a comprehensive 360 degree look... The report will sure be shared as it is, without touching a letter of it. Only a 360 degree approach will help activate the 360+ which this whole vision is all about.

An objective and comprehensive answer, evaluation, to the below question will be brought together as well:

How can the Wisdom Vaccine Workbook be functional for each age group, from 5 to 100+, and for what purpose can they use it in the name of our common future? Students in education, psychology, philosophy, science, social sciences, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, business, engineering, etc, any field, this is your call, too! Great assignment to help with the highest and most productive teacher+student cooperation as well. (Actually every single evaluation, both from students, teachers and experts, should be brought together to form some kind of a book so that, so that a lot more will flourish... It will sure lead the way to the second edition of the Vaccine Workbook, too.)  


First of its kind social intellectual vaccine workbook's one of the foremost goals is to help with problem analysis and accordingly solution(s) design. Which, would only be possible when you know your agenda and vision well, and fully activate your potential and the surrounding perspectives. Vaccine Workbook is instrumental in determining the building blocks of your agenda/vision/action, too. Overall, it is like a master vaccine to design other social/intellectual/philosophical/professional/etc vaccines, solutions or perspectives that's to say, in diverse fields.

Winding Staircase

You see more, only if YOU take the stairs.

Your sight grows, and deepens, too. Simultaneously your vision is further poked, and it craves for more perspectives and actions. Star Roadmap, far in the corner upstairs, turns out to be the only way to satisfy it...

Above all, Star Roadmap is at the same time a life long learning and discovery program...

It grows with you, you grow with it. Growth lasts forever, in the most productive way possible.

Star Roadmap is your new ecosystem with new and right to the point perspectives to help with wise growth.

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