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  • Air Quality

  • Water Quality

  • Ocean Quality

  • Energy Quality

  • Environmental Quality (at largest)

  • Vision Quality

All above 'Quality' items present vast scope and require very close attention. Each one is a different world but all are in fact hand in hand, relying on each other's performance.

Vision Quality, where vision points out to sum of what we think + write + say + do, everything that makes up our active agenda, is the base element in this whole. As long as the vision quality is maintained, the other Q's will have chance to remain fit above it and with it. From another perspective, in order to maintain the Vision Quality, other Q's have to be maintained, as well.

At the end of the day, they are all intertwined and each one of them has to be studied &monitored thoroughly with extreme care and close attention.

A new matrix, with new perspectives and action plans, seems to be a must not only to increase awareness but also in order to manage the Q's well to ensure the ultimate sustainability which is called Star Sustainability.

Star Roadmap aims at improving the Vision Quality, first, but then, and during the processes, it will sustain its efforts for ensuring the Star Sustainability. That's the ultimate goal of the Star Roadmap. 

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