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Compact; Just connect the dots, fill in the blanks. That's about it, almost!


First will come a quick and compact set of processes, which, once completed, the compact feeling of R4.0 will be felt and seen better in the most solid and wisest way.


R4.0 is in Zone 4 on the Star Roadmap.


The Super Magic Formula, so called the super entrepreneurship model for +MODE, which was the first outcome of the Super Human Project, eventually became the heart of Renaissance 4.0, and of the whole Yniverse!

- R4.0 doesn't look and/or sound compact, Sir. It should be, it should be like more compact so that you can call it compact.

- This is my compact.

Once all understood, it will become compact from everyone's angle, too. Compact is subjective. Another example; Star Roadmap, with bird's eye view, looks like compact, which it is indeed, but only when the micro and other compact processes embedded are completed its compactness will become visible and functional most importantly. 

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The question is, accepting the fact that Industry 4.0, Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, digital tools etc, are almost everywhere in our lives; 

Wouldn't it be good to have the only comprehensive methodology to help sustain the Renaissance wisdom, too, to help natural intelligence sustain its fit shape, make it to the summit, and never lose its edge? At least give it a chance to live test its functionality with such an active case study?

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