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You just need a vibe to change the world, a wise one with a sustainable roadmap, and you will take it. It is ready. You're ready, too.

You will need to read + think + write, at minimum, so i guess it should help with the 'wise' part. Besides, all this is only 101. 

It will also, and sure, help with many other things, let alone maybe changing the world, too. Having a serious roadmap to work on for a better future is the key element here. Rest is all up to you. To understand the depths, to see the summits; Star Roadmap will provide both. Buckle up! Depths and Summits Ahead!

Star Roadmap shining
  • Don't we need a social/intellectual vaccine?

  • Don't we need a +mode program? Don't we need a formula to upgrade to +mode which makes you at least run an extra mile in what you have been already thinking and/or doing?

  • Don't we need a roadmap at least to serve as a start point?

  • Don't we need a Renaissance 4.0 like program to develop asap?

  • Don't we need new modular and right to the point tools to help our visions and actions thrive better and heal where necessary?

  • Don't we need a serious and modular post pandemia rehabilitation program?

  • Don't we need to promote social and business entrepreneurship by all means?

  • Don't we need to all become a social entrepreneur?

  • Don't we need to realize and work on new horizons, new summits?

All this scope's foremost goal is to spark a conversation first between you and your vision/action.

You are free to design how to get involved with the Star Roadmap, if you wish to participate and understand what kind of new horizons and summits it is offering. Then making your mind to make those destinations! From the most basic way to the most sophisticated, you determine how to step into yniverse, it's your call... Answer the call. It is time.

Study the first ever social intellectual 'wisdom' vaccine in the shape of a workbook to help with vision/action check up; Read + Think + Write in it, with it. Write your positive vocabulary first!

Review the Star Agenda of the Wise Coffee; Read + Think + Write on the star agenda items. If you have a spare notebook handy simply convert it to the above mentioned workbook to take your notes in it. 

[Remember, we will bring together all the outcomes of your positive vocabulary notes and form a giant positive vocabulary for all of us. Meanwhile, all your notes are yours to keep unless you want to share. You are kindly asked to share your positive vocabulary though. See those notes like a new age diary to serve as steps to make it to the highest wisdom footprint and to the summit of your vision/action. Some of your notes will become your +MODE and some of them Renaissance 4.0. Would you like to write for the future generations and maybe share some advice? Do it with the Star Agenda! It is already categorized under major headings to help you get started.. Or do you want to write a book but no idea where to start? Start with simply taking some notes as per the Star Agenda or directly begin to write in the Vaccine Workbook. Somehow start... ]

Do some star shopping; Star Roadmap store has the most unique and yniversal stuff to embrace and reflect your new shiny superb yniversal mood!

Just watch. That's a way to get involved, too. [Don't go.] Well, if at some point that helps you at least inspire a bit towards our common future that's in fact absolutely OK, Go! ;-)


Feel free to do all above and do even more and do run all the extra miles! 

That's the way to Go'n Rock!

Fists in Solidarity_edited.jpg
  • Star Roadmap will help recruite and empower change catalysts, too, for a better future. They will be called yellowball coaches. Anyone who takes and completes the Star Roadmap process will become a yellowball coach. These yellowball coaches will first need to know their very own active vision, agenda, so they will begin to do this, know more about their present agenda, in the very first Zone 1 of the roadmap. (Please see too.) That's a must for anyone to proceed on the Star Roadmap anyway... Even without such a requirement by the Star Roadmap, shouldn't you know your agenda well? And accordingly realize the new horizons and the summits ahead?

  • All building blocks and the elements on the Star Roadmap along with all the challenges embedded are designed to provocate your wisest skillset including reading + thinking + writing + designing, etc, and to equip them with new compulsory perspectives at minimum. Thriving on the Star Roadmap is one of a kind!

PS: From website design/management to every other single thing, merch design, publishing, shop, etc, you see/feel around here is presently operated by one person only. You may sure run into some errors or inconveniencies, minor or major. The goal is to upgrade those things, together with the whole scope, to the most convenient and perfectly functioning level anyway. And that's only possible with your involvement. 

Yours truly,
Ozgur Madak



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