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Star Roadmap scope is a superb and Plug'n Play 'ChangeTheWorld' Program for you to begin to change the world, in the easiest way possible, alone or with your fans and friends. Simply connect everything you can, all your contents* for a start, to the respective items of the Star Agenda.


* What you have been thinking, reading, writing, speaking, seeing, designing, dreaming, aiming, achieving, and/or want to think, read, write, speak, design, etc etc.

Wise coffee for your friends! Better for all your network!

In the shape of a vision!

Nothing can compete with real coffee, needless to say, yet, Wise Coffee tastes quite different... Tastes like some sort of a vibe ;-)

Love makes the world go around.

Coffee helps you enjoy it.

Wise Coffee adds new tastes and unique dimensions to the whole joy and the scenery. You fully realize the wisdom, and fully make it the base element in your agenda.

Besides, wise coffee makes sure you and your friends have a brand fantastic new agenda to start to change the world, simply by thinking and writing with a new format.

The Star Agenda has 10+ years long R&D behind, in fact 2 decades to be exact. Oh, wait, 23 years solid!

Think of it like.. Like you and your friends are asking Oz, the Star Roadmap designer, to meet over coffee to learn and hear more about the Star Roadmap. And Oz responds 'Let's be YNIVERSAL, save time and energy, and some carbon, so better start with the Wise Coffee! It's the easiest access to the YNIVERSE anyway.'

This cuppa coffee is served to function as one of the ways to enter the YNIVERSE, where you start to change the world! The other way is the first of its kind social/intellectual wisdom vaccine in the shape of a workbook. Other gateways may become available as well by time. ( E.g. Free entrance and 'you put the price tag' options are also installed somewhere on the Roadmap. Details will follow.

The more the merrier! That means the more wise coffee you enjoy, closer the GRAND OPENING of the Star Roadmap. The blurry YNIVERSE in your sight will then become crystal clear by all means, and you'll observe the summits in the horizon.

Please take a look at the Star Agenda and other docs first, and if you like the YNIVERSAL Star Roadmap concept you can simply continue with the Wise Coffee and/or the first of its kind social intellectual Wisdom Vaccine,

and see what else to discover in YNIVERSE!



Star Roadmap shining

Ko-fi came right on time right for the purpose... Star Roadmap, way before it  actually became the Star Roadmap, was saying, and still saying;

"Make a change, buy each other a 'never ending' vision instead of a drink, or simply to talk about next time you meet for a drink. Brand new and beyond fantastic agenda to cover over coffee. This is the vision with the perfect action now plan you're looking for... Priceless!"


So each cuppa coffee on Star Roadmap Ko-fi page covers one person! Don't you think all your friends deserve to have such a great agenda to further develop, and become part of the GLOBAL VISION CHECKUP SESSION? The more 'coffee' the merrier indeed! Time to make your STAR MOVE! Then you'll change the world anyway.


with the Wise Coffee



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