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Some answers to not yet FAQs...

Hope alone, is a very hopeless situation. It must be fed with serious will attached to solid action. All this scope stands for such an action... First the Star Agenda has to be freed, and that's possible only with you;

  • Have some wise coffee agenda and/or get the wisdom vaccine which is in the shape of a workbook. 

  • Review it all and do some thinking, writing, etc. Take some quick notes.

  • Decide how to proceed; just have the wise coffee and wait, or study the scope further, do some more work to fully activate the Star Roadmap as soon as possible. 

1. It took time for the Star Roadmap to evolve to its present status, yet, thankfully, everything and all components settled right where they should be. What is even greatest in all this scope and about the set of such processes is that nothing will initiate or move forward unless you move, or show some sign of solid will with solid action. By means of enjoying some wise coffee for example, or by thinking+writing in the Vaccine Workbook. Star Roadmap will only move on and proceed only if you proceed. Like, a better future is only possible if you are actively involved. So, everything on the Star Roadmap is requiring your involvement at the optimum level that lets you able to design at what extent you prefer to be involved. Star Roadmap is user friendly.  

2. The Vaccine, being the first of its kind social intellectual wisdom vaccine, aims at urging you develop as many vaccines as possible in as many fields as possible; solutions, perspectives, paths, thoughts, words, visions, actions, to do lists, that's to say. You can do this only if first you understand your present agenda, and the Vaccine will help with that.

3. YNI, which intially stood for Your New Ism, and which first evolved to YNI Roadmap, then, recently, to YNIVERSE, does not necessarily point out Ozgurism. YNI Roadmap will be at your disposal whenever you feel like you need to develop the above mentioned vaccines. Do you want to design a new ism? Sure, just use the YNI Roadmap. Like the workbook is entitled 'the Vaccine', here 'ism' serves as a metaphore.

4. Personal note by OM: I am personally and physically a tiny bit of a detail in Ozgurism. Just like we all are in the infinite universe. Ozgurism is way beyond me... What I have tried to think, speak, write, comprehend, design, do, etc together with what needs to be thought, spoken, written, comprehended, designed, done can only begin to take us to the start line. Then it will be only up to you how to proceed. Needless to say, it can in no way be totally explained with and limited with what I have been able to think speak write design comprehend do etc. Study the YNI Roadmap and feel free to name your version of the outcome from your very own perspective. Design a vision, not necessarily a new ism, but a new set of perspectives, with the help of the Roadmap, for personal development, social development, economical development, environmental development, etc. Disrupt the dysfunctionality whereever it is!

5. Universe, Metaverse and Yniverse relation is a great story to revisit in detail later, plus how this trio will be interacting with each other, and how all above are connected to this trio.

6. The Vaccine Workbook, which lets you think and write in it for a vision checkup session, and which is in fact for all ages, is like a ticket to enter the YNIVERSE. (From 7 to 70 for all ages. Details to follow. This is only the very first version/edition of the workbook. Next editions will probably shape along the Zones on the Roadmap.)  

7. Let's crown our era in the most stylish, artsy and intellectual way possible. Let's be yniversal.

8. If you come across with another website or a note, article, etc, of OM, about any of the elements made a word of here on this website or just in general referring to such scope, please note that they will all be reviewed during the processes; does not totally override them but should be considered the ultimate status they were refering to. They helped with evolution of the Star Roadmap to its present ultimate status over the years. It depends on the specific detail, too, also, e.g. Some details about the introduction phase of the Star Roadmap are overriden. That's to say, those who review their agenda with the help of the Vaccine Workbook will have priority to enter the Star Pioneer Jury. Still various jury categories will likely be created to accomodate anyone interested; Forming a Wise Coffee Jury for example. 

9. ProjectsbyOM are free of norm and are focused on ensuring the Correct Normal! So, ProjectsbyOM are to design new wise norms totally shaped around the Correct Normal with the highest wisdom footprint and the lowest carbon.

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