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For the sake of the continuous and functional quest for the highest wisdom footprint!

Don't you think we need some sort of a social/intellectual wisdom vaccine? More importantly, can you prepare one?

Yes you can! With the Vaccine Workbook that's baby play! Increasing our Wisdom Footprint is baby play, too, with it!


You are well aware of the fact that a social intellectual vaccine is indeed crucial, so that wisdom will follow! The first and only social/intellectual vaccine, in the form of a workbook, that also lets you develop other vaccines, as many as you can, in as many fields as possible, is now at your fingertips. The question is... What will be your reaction? Will you switch to designing solutions, for a change, from always mumbling and/or making only a word of the problems? Will you take the challenge for developing a comprehensive methodology and quest after our ultimate highest wisest selves with solid reflections on your future and on the future of the humanity? 

Intellectual, that's why it only begins to activate when you think and write, and review your vision/agenda, and make your mind to build more on it! And social, b/c only by thinking and acting social it proceeds. It is some sort of a medicine to help begin to increase our wisdom footprints, too, in the wisest way possible.

So yes, our visions needed a vaccine, too, for a very very long time. We have to build new natural and default reactions, asap. New vibes, new norms, new moods, new perspectives, new outlooks, new actions, etc, asap.

Machine Learning. Are we learning? 

Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining

Very quickly to summarize;


What if your vision needs a real care product, too, like one of those skin care products, or hair care, car care, home care, etc? Your vision deserves it more, and you will design the subject care product yourself simply by knowing your vision and its components well. Only then you will start the real journey.


What if your vision collected dust? A vacuum cleaner will not help. Since your vision is like your carpet, or any floor, ground, etc, on which you 'live' you have to take care of it, too, with the help of an actual system b/c even a high end AI run supersonic vacuum cleaner can not help, -yet?


Are you aware of the supply chain between your vision's building blocks? You have to keep it working with the highest efficiency... The notes you take in the Vaccine Workbook will serve as dots to connect, both later on the Roadmap and also just naturally during the specific process you enter by thinking and writing. It would help with your imagination if you print the Roadmap and pin it on your desk, or somewhere you have direct eye contact, like on your wall, or simply fold it and insert it in the Vaccine Workbook. Actually print two, one for the wall and one for insert. Each heading and the notes you take underneath will be matched to their respective zones on the Roadmap. Once the process is completed you will have designed the most effective tool to keep and sustain the harmony in your vision+action combo, and you will be looking at your most valuable supply chain diagram.

Vaccine Workbook's other goal is to let you develop other new vaccines; solutions, visions, actions, words, philosophies, that's to say, in diverse fields. Vaccine workbook is the master vaccine!

[Please see  to read more.]

Star Roadmap shining

You, and we all are in between those two infinity symbols; either as an individual, or as a society, humanity, or just something from our vision/agenda is there. To make the best out of the infinity on the left, and to last forever with the one on the right, you/we have to reach out to yOUR ultimate best self in between two of them, during yOUR lifetime, so to recap. At least opening a paranthesis and trying the Roadmap there is also an option.  

Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining
Star Roadmap shining

Some dots will attract and form the Super Magic Formula, which transforms to a home sweet home at the same time, and some dots will form the Renaissance 4.0.

Those who have the Vaccine Workbook (in Zone 1) will have priority to enter the jury in Zone 2. [Jury formation process is long story, really, yet, getting the workbook does not bring you any obligation; you don't have to enter the Jury, you don't have to share your dots, you don't have to continue to any further process. You can simply, and at minimum, use it to hold positive vocabulary workshops, and/or to design your very own inspiration lookbook consisting of your thoughts, ideas, feedbacks, observations, perspectives, dreams, plans, etc, and to see what headings are already covered by your vision/action.  If you don't prefer to enter the Jury later you will still learn all about the Super Magic Formula converting to your vision sweet vision and all about the whole Star Roadmap forming some part of the yniverse... All this is preparing you to meet with them, and we have to ensure it will be a spectacular moment. All great journeys begin with some sort of preparation, so see Zone 1 as the preparation zone... One of a kind challenges that will follow next would prefer to see you prepared.]

Like the five senses we have, the five zones on the Roadmap are like the five senses of our visions; So the five zones will help develop the senses of our visions and actions. And/or, if you feel the chakras of our visions need to be aligned, the Roadmap will help.


Everything on the Roadmap is modular and customizable, however, the whole process has to be understood and digested first. You are simply customizing it anyway in advance, by thinking and writing in the Vaccine Workbook.

Both the Roadmap and the elements aligned along may be functional in many ways depending on yOUR perspectives; E.g. Roadmap for a change catalyst, Roadmap for post COVID social/economical rehabilitation, Roadmap to design new income channels, Roadmap to reachout to new audiences, Roadmap to activate new perspectives, Roadmap for role models, Roadmap to become social entrepreneurs, Roadmap to maximize yOUR Wisdom Footprint, and minimize carbon, Roadmap to design a vision, Roadmap to change the world!

> "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi.  So you can simply start with thinking and writing the change you wish to see under each heading of the Vaccine Workbook.

All above, and all expressed, some partially for now by purpose, only makes up a little portion of the whole endless and multi multi dimensional 'modular' scope.  


Your full ultimate potential is like a puzzle game. And you can only solve and complete a puzzle by actually playing it and trying to position its pieces to their correct spots. Just by thinking of it in your mind is not going to help. Unless it is a puzzle with two pieces only. So, just like that, you can make it to your ultimate potential simply by actually playing with its components and matching them to their respective positions in the most truthful and wisest way possible. Don't worry, you're covered. Star Roadmap will help.

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