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You're at the right place if you were looking for a serious and worthy challenge to take. There are plenty of them around here so don't worry!  


Challenges are everywhere on the Star Roadmap... The whole process is initiating with a challenge anyway. Whole scope and beyond is all about challenges. You already took one actually, for a start only and right at the moment, and that is to whether give a chance to your most most intellectual highest ultimate self to let it design your initial reaction and judgement to the Star Roadmap; let it decide whether you'll enjoy the first ever wise coffee, let it decide whether you will get the first ever social intellectual wisdom vaccine; let it decide whether new actions would help with a better future; let it decide whether you'd be taking the initiative to create the most intellectual and wise contents with the help of the Vaccine Workbook... Long story short, Star Roadmap wants to get us involved with our highest selves. Besides, it is helping with that 'highest self' process, too.

Other probable challenges will follow during the processes, which is so normal as life itself is all about challenges. Remember all those challenges you have knocked down with great success so far, and let them power you further. Remember, as we keep our will wise and sophisticated, and action sustainable, challenges will just become fun, you'll crave for new ones on the Star Roadmap! 

Social Challenges for social improvement,

Business Challenges for business and professional improvement,

Intellectual Challenges for intellectual improvement,

Financial Challenges for financial improvement,

Cultural Challenges for cultural improvement,

Environmental Challenges for environmental improvement,

Network Challenges for network improvement and synergy,

Design Challenges for improved designs,

Mindset Challenges for improved mindsets,

Psychological Challenges for strong psychologies,

Emotional Challenges for strength and endurance,

Philosophical Challenges for excellent visions,

Physical Challenges for not only a fit body but also a fit mindset

for perseverance,

Implementation Challenges for better practices,

Management Challenges for improved and top quality management,

Mapping Challenges for improved and functional potentials,

Vision Challenges for improved visions,

Etc etc etc challenges for etc etc etc improvements...

  • Each item above requires comprehensive attention, yet, none can be disregarded, in life, for a better future, and sure not all challenges are necessarily to be overcome by one only but together. It, too, depends actually. Be aware that by entering the Star Roadmap with the help of the Vaccine Workbook or the Wise Coffee, you are simply, and at minimum, relieving the mentioned challenges on the way to ensure a better future vision.

  • By getting the Vaccine Workbook in Zone 1, you will not only be challenged to review yOUR agenda and vision by taking some notes, and to create content under various headings, but also, you will be helping us all overcome the challenges in Zone 2 required to make it to Zone 3.


+ Zones of the Star Roadmap are somewhat like those levels in games but here helping with wise growth by all means towards the future.

+ You can also think and try to guess, in Zone 1, what headings are attracting to each other to form the Super Magic Formula for Super Entrepreneurship, and which ones form the Renaissance 4.0.

+ Or you can simply write down what kind of challenges are likely to exist under each heading, so that we'll work on those challenges to take that heading scope to the summit, or at least to a healthier state. 

  • Presently Zone 2 houses 3 major challenges empowering each other, and minimum 2 of them, any two, have to be satisfied to move on with Zone 3, where Zone 3 is the zone for upgrade:

1. First of its kind social intellectual wisdom vaccine, the workbook entitled 'The Vaccine' is a best seller.

2. Minimum 1 million pioneer jury is secured.

3. Star Roadmap becomes a Unicorn.

All three challenges are for yOUR growth. Each one will be further and detailly revisited during the process, yet, each one is specially designed to help learn, teach, train, improve, share, grow with a different perspective.  You can focus on one only or work on all three... Some other challenges, minor or major, for possibly better impact with higher wisdom footprint, can be activated at any time during the process. Some are activated already. TBA. Let's say all three challenges are taken care of but meanwhile we thought of a new challenge to work on... We'll consider working on that, too. Then the gate of Zone 3 will wide open. Every single detail on the Star Roadmap is specially designed to serve as an opportunity for growth, towards the summit.

  • First of all, each heading in the Vaccine is in fact a challenge that you have to be taking. Wouldn't it be good to understand under which categories you are able to create content, that's to say an idea, an observation, some art, a solution, an action, a joke, an experience, a new outlook, and see what building blocks are included in your vision/action combo, and determine what extra miles you'd be, and we would be, running to try to ensure a superb now and future? That's the kind of challenge we must be taking. And we have to take it now. We have to come up with a common agenda to work on and develop every single day, hour by hour. Star Roadmap will help. Study the Vaccine Workbook with your kids, family, friends, colleagues, etc, even with anyone you don't know. What can be done with it, is unlimited; There is an agenda, an algorithm, embedded in it, for each age group and demography.

  • For example, to give another idea, consider the carbon footprint as a case study. Review your thoughts and activities related to each heading, take notes, and simply detect how they are interacting with the carbon footprint. So try to understand how the building blocks of your vision and your actions are connecting to the carbon footprint; and how they are contributing to global warming. Once you write down under each heading you'll also begin to see what parts of your whole activity/experience/agenda scope is neglected, where there seems to be an imbalance that has to be healed asap.

  • Then think and review again, and this time consider the wisdom footprints of your notes to begin to detect the wise in the building blocks of your vision and your actions. Make a 'wisest note challenge' with yourself...  

  • Sounds challenging enough? Once you get the whole idea of what the Star Roadmap is about you'll be able to design other challenges, too.

  • Long story wise, in other words, the Vaccine Workbook, together with the Star Roadmap, is somewhat the most challenging agenda, ever, and intellectual, too. THINK+WRITE+DESIGN+DO CHALLENGE it is, briefly to say. Or consider I took a 'Change the World' challenge years ago and so came up with this Star Roadmap scope to show and practice how we would be doing it.

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